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2022-2023 Boys Tryouts

By moving our tryouts to the summer, it will allow our athletes to have a couple months away from volleyball for rest and participation in other sports. This also gives us more time for administrative assistance and families early preparation for travel. Practices will begin Monday October 3rd for all teams!

All tryout sessions will take place at The Academy Volleyball Club, located at 6635 E 30th Street, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

Tryout Dates

Date Age Group Level Time
Sunday, September 11th 12s Regional 5:00-7:00pm
Sunday, September 11th 14-18s Non-Travel 6:00-8:00pm

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What can I expect from The Academy Volleyball Club?

Our training comes second to none in the state of Indiana for development of athletes at all levels. The Academy Volleyball Club has developed more collegiate athletes than any other program in the area. With over 24 total boys teams in the winter of 2021-22 made the Academy Volleyball Club one of the largest boys programs in the country. The Academy Volleyball Club had over 39 different high schools and 25 middle schools represented.

What makes our club unique?

Larger numbers mean more opportunities for training and learning. Our opportunities allow teams to scrimmage and practice with other teams that are in their same age groups to give game like repetition. 

Our programming is also team and athlete specific. With three levels of teams, families can make the best decision for them. We have something for every age and every level!

What is new this year?

A new revamped and tournament schedule for all teams which allows more diversity of competition and collegiate exposure. The Academy will also only offer THREE levels of teams.. 

Elite- Our Elite teams will be expected to see a higher travel responsibility and be exposed to some of the best competition in the country. This will include National Qualifiers, invitational only events, and the 2023 AAU National Championships in Orlando Florida (13-18U Adidas teams, 14U-17U Blue teams) Pending schedule conflicts with AAU and USAV Nationals we will give teams the OPTION to participate in both national tournaments (USAV Nationals in Salt Lake City)

Regional- Want the same experience our top teams get but do not want the travel responsibility? Our regional teams will get great local competition as well as a few travel events. Teams will have the OPTION to add individual events including qualifiers or nationals!

Non-Travel – This redesigned version of our popular Non-Travel program will allow more consistency with schedules and a longer time frame. This program runs from November to the middle of January and will compete against other local clubs and the two hosted Midwest Boys Point Series events!