Luis Lagunes

Luis Lagunes

June 19, 2024

Years of Coaching Experience: 10 Years

Years at The Academy: 1 (I believe I saw somewhere to add the upcoming year to this)

Playing Experience: 

  • Played recreationally for 5 years
  • Competitively for 2 years, participated in multiple tournaments in the midwest.

Coaching Experience

  • Coached Boys Soccer for 2 years. 1x Sectional Champ, 2x Sectionals Finalist
  • Began the Boys Volleyball program at Crawfordsville High School 3 Years Ago. 
  • Head Coach for the past 2 years.

About Me, Off the Court:

Besides volleyball, I love coaching as a whole. Having coached wrestling, soccer and even a couple esports since graduating High School. Been regularly running Spartan and Tough Mudder races for the better part of 3 years.